Earn NFTs by playing downloading these games now (2022)

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In December 2021, the image shown above was sold for $91.8 Million! And no, that’s not a typo, a digital image was sold for almost $100 Million! It was created by someone called Pak, and is the most expensive an NFT has ever been sold for. But Pak isn’t the only one that’s struck lucky with digital art, with the recent traction multiple NFTs have been sold for millions! And in this post, I’m going to show you how you can earn your very own NFTs just by playing games.

And yes, it’s highly likely your NFTs don’t get sold for millions, but it’s still cool to earn an NFT by playing some of these awesome games, and even being able to trade or resell it If it does go up in value!

What are NFT games?

NFT stands for None Fungible Tokens, a digital asset that comes with the right to use. NFTs can be anything; arts, sports, cars, pictures, videos, music, game characters, digital gun wraps etc. Them being unique digital collectables gives them value hence there being marketplaces for them, with the most common being OpenSea. As NFTs are unique digital collectables on the blockchain, this feature makes them suitable to use in games as representations as characters, consumables, and other tradeable items.

NFT games vs. Normal games

Most, if not all, NFT games come with play to earn functionality. Meaning playing an NFT game over a normal game could possibly generate an income. As you can sell your in-game NFTs to other collectors or players and earn cryptocurrency which on certain exchanges can be sold for real money.

Now To The Top 10 NFT Games! — Just a quick warning, the details of these games are as stated at the time of publishing, although they may change later on.

10. Blankos Block Party

Play this free to earn game here https://blankos.com/

Blankos Block Party was released back in December 2020, it seems like a mashup between the two already existing mega-popular games, Minecraft and Roblox. However, a major difference is Blankos Block Party is made using blockchain technology. Therefore allowing players to sell their in-game assets as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Which means they can be bought, traded and sold on the blockchain. Therefore the Play To Earn aspect is from the ability to list your in-game assets on the marketplace. The game gained popularity quickly, reaching one million players on the 15th of December 2021.

9. Clash of Streamers

Play this free to play game herehttps://www.clashofstreamers.com/

Clash of streamers is a F2P (Free To Play) mobile RPG game where you can upload your own face and take your hero into battle. The gameplay is very similar to another popular mobile game called AFK Arena, a strategy game but you only need to strategise before the battle by selecting your heroes and other variables, then it’s an auto-battle. So it is a very light game to play during your free time, it’s available on iPhone and Android so is accessible for almost everyone.

By completing events and selling pets and heroes in-game you can earn Krypton. Krypton can be traded for GUBI (Gamified Universal Basic Income) which is the cryptocurrency you can trade on pancake swap (a crypto exchange website).

8. Thetan Arena

Play this NFT game here — https://thetanarena.com/

This blockchain-based multiplayer battle arena game (MOBA) is in many ways similar to one of the most popular games in the world, League Of Legends. Except Thetan Arena is much more simplified and the matches normally average between 3–5 minutes.

Thetan Arena Offers a free to play model by giving you three free untradable heroes that you can use forever but using them you will not be able to earn currency directly through playing the game. But if you purchase or rent an NFT Hero from the marketplace it will have a certain amount of paid battles available. So these characters are very risky to purchase and it’s advised to calculate your returns before purchasing to see whether you can make a profit. This is one of the best made NFT games out now on all the major platforms, iOS and Android and PC.

7. Splinterlands

Play this NFT game here — https://splinterlands.com/

Splinterlands is a digital collectable card game built on blockchain technology. The idea is, you collect cards that have stats, abilities and rarities, and you can use them strategically to battle other players in skill-based matches. However, unlike its rival Hearthstone, with Splinterlands players can buy, sell and trade their cards freely.
Initially, it can be played for free, but with a minimal investment of $10 to purchase a summoners handbook, you can begin to earn cryptocurrency and work towards buying more cards or upgrading your existing ones.

6. Gods Unchained

Play this free to earn game here https://godsunchained.com/

Gods Unchained is a turn-based digital collectable card game launched in 2018. Due to the in-game assets being on the blockchain, players are allowed to trade and sell their cards freely with the same level of ownership as if they were real tangible cards.

In February of 2019, a mythic rarity card was actually sold for $62,000 USD!

Why would you play games with untradable cards when blockchain card games exist which allow for an income? This is why this game is the future, as you own your in-game assets and can do with them as you please. By playing this strategy card game players are also able to earn crypto tokens which are used as a payment method throughout the game. This is also what you use to buy and sell in-game cards.

5. Pegaxy

Play this free to earn game here — https://pegaxy.io/

Pegaxy is an auto racing horse game. You have Pegas (your horses) and you simply go ahead and rent them, profit share and make an income. You can buy, sell and rent out and rent Pegas to make money as well as earn from races. The game can be played in 2d or even 3d. If you finish on the podium you earn their native token VIZ and get rewarded well.

4. Sandbox

Play this free to play game here — https://www.sandbox.game/

Sandbox is a special kind of game, as it’s a Minecraft styled game that allows you to monetise certain aspects of the land you are on to make money. It has massive customizability and multiple ways to earn. This game is considered a metaverse due to the amount of freedom and monetisable functionalities there are.

3. Herofi

Play this free to earn game here — https://herofi.io/

Herofi combines many game modes including campaign, PVP (player vs player), and a tower defence mode. They have monthly updates and offer real money rewards! Each Hero is unique and equally accessible by every player.

2. League of Ancients

Play this free to play game here — https://leagueofancients.com/

League of Ancients is a MOBA (massive online battle arena), very similar to games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. The game is free to play, and players will earn small amounts of $LOA (the game’s native cryptocurrency) simply by playing and winning matches.

1. Crayowar

Play this free to earn game here https://cryowar.com/

Cryowar is an NFT based game on the Solana blockchain. Players engage in fierce multi realm battles in the expansive Sci-Fi Medieval game world. It is an all-out battle of skill where the best players are in a constant battle for resources, territories, and world domination. Every player will have the unique opportunity to protect his realm and earn tremendous rewards in the process. Only the strongest will crown the leaderboards. It is developed for PC, iOS and Android with cross-platform multiplayer.

And there’s the top 10 play to earn NFT games. Of course, nothing stated in this article is financial advice, and only spend what you’re comfortable with. 😅

What’s one game you think should hop on the NFT trend and add a marketplace feature to be able to trade, sell and buy the in-game items?

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