How I made an Ai-run Instagram page (free method!)

6 min readJul 24, 2022

What if I told you that even if you’re the worst artist ever, there is a method for you to create and grow a successful Instagram Art page? I found a way to do just that, and for completely free! There are even ways to monetize the page, let me explain…

Can Ai really create decent art?

Artificial intelligence and art have really taken off lately, with companies like Elon Musks’ OpenAi developing some incredible software to take a few words and turn them into a scarily accurate peace of artwork — in a matter of seconds.

But it doesn’t just stop there, Ai’s like Dalle-2 will soon be able to take an already existing image, and using Ai customize it however you’d like. So if you took a selfie with your cat on your right, you’d be able to remove the cat altogether, or even move it to the left of the image, and it’d still look like a perfect manually photographed image!

Credits: OpenAi

There’s so much more possible I’d struggle fitting it into these short few paragraphs, but these include placing objects in images, and the Ai even automatically styles the new objects appropriately, changing image themes, automatically adding reflections where appropriate etc. but in this article, I’ll be covering the two Ai’s used:

  1. Dream by WOMBO
  2. MidJourney

How do I use these Ai’s?

As mentioned earlier on, you can do this for free. However, the free software (Dream) doesn't create such consistent clear art, it generates more of a fluid art, although it still somehow resembles your prompt. I recently discovered this other one, a paid Ai (MidJourney) but it creates some incredible and consistent realistic-looking art — demo’d below.

Comparing the Two Ai’s

I’m going to take one prompt, and test it out on both Ai’s so you can compare the differences.

The prompt I’ll be using is: A Haunted Pirate Ship

Dream by WOMBO’s Result:

MidJourney’s Result:

So, as you can see if you want a more real and consistent result, you’d have to use MidJourney with plans starting from around $10 a month and it’s in a beta phase right now. Alternatively, you could start with Dream by Wombo for completely free! — although there’d be less consistent results.

The Instagram side of things

I personally started off with Dream, only later on once I had received a beta invite did I try out MidJourney’s Ai. So even if you’re getting less realistic results, you’re still able to grow your Instagram!

There are many methods to grow on Instagram, I’ll show you my process.

1 Creating the Account — First, pick a username. Something not too long, catchy and relevant to the page. So in my case, I chose @abstractimagez, A slight misspelling of what the page was gonna be posting. Next, I uploaded a profile picture, something clean looking — actually made by Dream!

After that, I filled out my About Me section. The ideal way to do this is to have three lines, each starting with an emoji and followed by a brief few words about the page and why someone should follow you. And lastly, I upload three posts to get my page started.

2 Posting Content — After I set up my account I went and googled “best Instagram hashtags for the art niche”, a pile of sites came up and I compiled around 30 hashtags which I then tried out over the first few posts. You could also look at other Instagram accounts in the same niche, and use some of the same hashtags as them.

Continuing in setting up my page, I made a description template for each post, something like the artwork prompt on the first line, on the second I did “What should I do next?” and lastly a CTA “Follow for some more awesome Ai-generated art”. Below that, I pasted the hashtags.

Just a quick heads up, after posting with multiple hashtags, you’d likely get a few bot comments within seconds, commenting something like “awesome! dm @….”. Don’t bother messaging those accounts, it’d just result in them trying to sell you fake followers.

3 Growing your Account — Growing on Instagram isn’t easy. Especially in a niche like this, they say it takes 5,000 followers until you start organically being suggested. So there are multiple ways to get you there, I tried the F4F method. F4F is essentially following accounts with hopes they follow you back, it’s looked down upon, but hey — it works!

Here are the steps I used:

  1. Always have a story on! Besides the nice attractive ring around your profile picture, it shows that you’re an active account. Making it much more likely for people to wanna follow you
  2. Make sure you already have a minimum of three posts up, so people know what to expect when they follow you
  3. Now, every 2–3 hours follow 7–10 people. You’d want to go to a large Instagram account in the same niche, go to their posts and look for the real comments and follow those accounts. This way you’d be appearing to the accounts that interact with pages like yours, enlarging the chances of a follow-back
  4. Lastly is a trick that's worked wonders for me! People love DMs (direct messages), and Instagram doesn't limit the amount of DMs you can send out. So what I do is, if someone likes my post and we’re not following each other I’d send them a message. Something on the lines of thanking them for the like, telling them a bit about my page and then I’d say why they should follow me, I offered a custom artwork request which often converted likes to followers!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’d have to spend hours daily sending out DMs, the way to do this is to make sure your account is a Business or Professional Account > Go to Settings > Creator > Saved Replies and create a new one.

You can see more about growing Instagram accounts on this amazing YouTube video by Jake Tilk:

So… Is it profitable?

Absolutely! There are many ways to profit with Instagram, just with any niche. I’ll list a few that’d work perfectly with this niche:

  1. Collaborations & Sponsored posts
  2. Promoting Affiliates
  3. Doing paid shoutouts
  4. Opening a shop
  5. Selling art
  6. Doing POD

POD means Print on Demand. Printing your art on clothing and selling them through your Instagram, RedBubble is a perfect place for that from my experience

Finishing Comments :)

So that’s all from me regarding Instagram, but of course, i’m no professional (especially as I’ve only got a 1,500 follower page 😅) so let me give you two amazing channels you can learn more about Instagram:

  1. Biaheza
  2. Jake Tilk

And in case you’re wondering, my Instagram page I made is:

Thanks so much for taking your time to read all this, I hope you’ve at least gained something from it, please let me know your thoughts on Ai art, do you think it’d eventually replace human artists?

Peace! ✌️




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